How to change your life WORKSHOP
Would you like to change something, but you don’t know what it is or how to do it?
The How to change your life WORKSHOP is created to activate the power of change and 
showing the tools to make change long-lasting.
During this One-Day-WORKSHOP we are learning 
about the traditional matcha ceremony, having an inspirational talk at the beach, 
doing an awaking 1.5 h yoga session, having a healthy vegan lunch together and an intensive unit about the life-tools, 
that allows us to change, what we want to change.
This WORKSHOP gives you the toolkit to find out, what you want (& need), how to realize it, 
how to test it and how to get the power to make the change.
WORKSHOP details:
Enjoy focusing on the change – everything you will need that day is going to be provided:
Coffee & water, lunch, snacks and yoga mats.
(please bring cozy clothes for the yoga practice)
WORKSHOP schedule:
24. FEB 2019
9.30-11 Welcoming & Matcha Tea Ceremony
11-12 inspirational talk @ the beach
12.30-14 yoga for activating change
14-15.30 Lunch & break
15.30-18 LIFE Tools
18-18.30 Conclusion & Good bye
135 €
(Early Bird ticket – for booking until 10.02.2019 – only 110 €)
For more information & getting your TICKET please send your full name and email address to: 
(limited spots available)
Josephine Peters, life coach & yoga teacher (
Lisa Müller, matcha expert & ACTIVE FOOD chef (
La Casa De La Mar


about BEJU

Yoga is a tool that gives you the power to connect to your body, your mind and listen to your soul. To take care for yourself. To feel good & precious. To love yourself & your body. To value life & change. To be present & simply yourself! 
BEJU connects disciplines from various yoga types – especially Kundalini and Hatha – to combine precision, innovation and encompassing elements of each type to obtain the highest conclusion to integrate yoga into your life. BEJU offers yoga, music, dance & life workshops – for a happy, healthy life.

about Josephine

Studying life has always been one of her passions. After traveling the world and working in more than 15 different jobs Josephine founded BEJU. As a Yoga teacher & life coach, dancer & business woman, wife & mother of two children, she invites everybody with inspirational stories & tools to learn about consciousness & awareness to live a fulfilled life.



@ the Park

Pont de l’Exposició, 7083, 46010 València

@ the beach​

 Passeig Marítim de la Patacona, 93, 46120 Alboraia, València

@ Casa De La Mar

Av. Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Novelista, 4, 46120 Alboraya, Valencia




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